Carroll-Lehr Funeral Home

Carroll-Lehr Funeral Home had its beginning back in 1900 when the late E.A. Carroll established a hardware and undertaking business. Seven years later, Mr. J.R. Lehr joined the firm as a sales clerk and manager of the undertaking department. In 1911, he became a licensed embalmer and in 1921 became partner of Mr. Carroll's in the business. The name was changed to Carroll & Lehr.

In 1921 fire destroyed the hardware store, which was located on the northwest corner of the courthouse square where the courthouse annex building is presently located. Following this disaster, the firm was operated in several locations, including the building on the northeast side of the courthouse square that was later known for many years as Vickery Hardware.

Carroll & Lehr Funeral Home then moved to 731 E. Tyler Street, in 1940. Judge Royall Watkins built the beautiful home with spacious landscaped grounds surrounding it in 1915. There were eleven large rooms, two baths, roomy porches and halls, which made the home most suitable for a funeral home.

Then in 1982 Lenard W. Anstead purchased the funeral home business, and leased the building. In 1999 the two decided that the firm had out grown its location and started building a new building, further down Tyler Street (Hwy 31East)

The New location took a year and two months to complete and is in full operation, with very spacious rooms, and the chapel that seats approximately 300 people. The walls are elaborately adorned with beautiful colors of comfort and serenity.
Carroll-Lehr Funeral Home, the peoples choice of Professional Funeral Directors, where we show compassion, love and understanding with dignity to each and every family we serve.